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Books of the year…so far

It’s been a funny, strange and often disturbing year so far and it started with a bit of a book drought for me – I couldn’t seem to settle on anything until, that is, Tracey Thorn’s Another Planet came along … Continue reading

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‘Lowborn’ – Kerry Hudson

Why the hell hasn’t this book created a national outcry? I have written a number of times about Edouard Louis, a young French writer whose first novel, ‘The End of Eddy’ caused an outcry in France because of its raw … Continue reading

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Public Information Films

A while ago I published an article praising the French writer Eduoard Louis for his book ‘Who Killed My Father’ in which he names and shames the politicians who reduced a once proud working man to poverty and shame. I … Continue reading

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Who Killed Stephen Smith

I recently wrote about Edouard Louis’ blistering memoir about his relationship with his dying father and those who Louis blames for the humiliation and chronic illness of a once proud man. In that book, Louis names those politicians whose policies … Continue reading

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Back to the fold…

Where has the year gone? Time has flown and its now Easter Saturday and I haven’t posted anything since January! How did that happen? To be honest the start of the year found me struggling to find books to grab … Continue reading

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Pant-wetting excitements

It is cold and dark and wet and Britain seems hell bent on self destruction so I’m going to try to cheer myself up my thinking about some of the literary treats we have in the months ahead. Lanny by … Continue reading

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Books of the Year 2018

‘Strange, sinister, funny and profound, ‘Convenience Store Woman’ by Sayaka Murata is a compendium of the rules of society and how these might be navigated by someone who, rather than rebelling against those norms, simply doesn’t understand them – a … Continue reading

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Returning to Reims – Didier Eribon

‘Our past is still there in our present. So we remake ourselves, we recreate ourselves (a task that is never finished, always needing to be taken up again), but we do not make ourselves, we do not create ourselves.’ Edouard … Continue reading

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Cover Versions

When I’m abroad I love to look in bookshops, with the emphasis on ‘look’ as my linguistic skills stretch to schoolboy French and rudimentary Spanish or Catalan. What I find fascinating are the radically different designs for books I am … Continue reading

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‘History of Violence’ Edouard Louis

  A young man is befriended by a stranger on a dark Paris street, late at night. He takes the stranger home and, after they have sex, is beaten and violently raped. In his first novel, ‘The End of Eddy’, … Continue reading

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