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The greatest writer on pop music…ever!

I LOVE pop music. Always have, always will. But it isn’t everyday that you find writing about pop music which sums up everything vital about it: not whether it is ‘important’ or ‘ground breaking’ or contains some technically brilliant musicianship … Continue reading

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Holiday Reading

          Mallorca beckons and so I get the chance to indulge in my favourite pastime when I’m not reading: choosing my reading! I like to keep books fairly short, with short story collections being ideal, but … Continue reading

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Paul takes the form of a mortal girl -Andrea Lawlor

All illustrations by Homocult (Manchester, England 1992) It is 1993 and Paul is at university in the USA, obsessed with music, queer theory, comics and sex.┬áHe is also a shape-shifter who can alter his body at will, flexing and shrinking … Continue reading

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This week’s book haul

As part of another project I’ve on the go at the moment I was recently reading Peter Scott-Presland‘s ‘official’ history of the CHE (Campaign for Homosexual Equality), ‘Amiable Warriors’* , and stumbled across a reference to a tasty sounding tome … Continue reading

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A Queer Book Haul

Two queer books this week, firstly Andrea Lawlor‘s novel, ‘Paul takes the form of a mortal girl’ which promises to be a sex-gender mindfuck of a romp: ‘It’s 1993 and Paul Polydorus tends bar at the only gay club in … Continue reading

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Who Killed Stephen Smith

I recently wrote about Edouard Louis’ blistering memoir about his relationship with his dying father and those who Louis blames for the humiliation and chronic illness of a once proud man. In that book, Louis names those politicians whose policies … Continue reading

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Shena Mackay 1: Dust Falls on Eugene Schlumberger/ Toddler on the Run

I love the work of Shena Mackay – if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times. But what is it that makes her work so modern, so appealing? This is the first in a Shena Mackay marathon, … Continue reading

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