Beautiful Books 13


‘Songberd’s Grove’ by Anne Barrett (Puffin 1963) Cover & Illustrations by David Knight

I love this cover because it has that scratchy style of drawing so reminiscent of the great Ronald Searle (see Searle’s cover for Angus Wilson’s ‘Hemlock and After’, below) and a style which provides wonderful detail but not necessarily in a realistic way. I also love how Knight uses very few colours – grey, yellow, red – but manages to give a feeling of colour to the picture. And what lettering! Like Searle, Knight gives the title an off-kilter, playful look.


Unfortunately I’ve been unable to find any biographical detail about David Knight – If anyone reading this knows anything about Knight, please get in touch!

Knight illustrated a number of books, not least some of Paul Gallico’s books for children: ‘The Snowflake’ and ‘Love of Seven Dolls’.

P.S. If you want a whole smorgasbord of Puffin gorgeousness, why not visit my sister site, Puffin Heaven

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