This Week’s Book Haul


First up this week is a pair of wonderful presents from my friend Alex: two HUGE tomes by Jonathan Rigby on European and British Horror cinema: Choc-a-bloc compendiums of all the horror films20180210_135836_resized you might ever wish to see, fact filled and overflowing with intelligent criticism. From the scant few hours I’ve spent with them already, I can see that they are going to be constant companions in the years to come…the only downside being the cost in tracking down as-yet-unseen classics.

Barbara Comyns is a writer I was recommended a couple of years ago and proved to be just what I wanted: a modern gothic writer whose edging in black comedy makes the cruelty, death and mayhem depicted something to relish. ‘Sister by a River’ is her first novel, published in 1947, and one I have yet to read. If it comes anywhere near ‘The Vet’s Daughter’ (1959) or ‘Our Spoons Came From Woolworths’ (1950) then it’ll be a rare treat!

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