This week’s book haul

First another beautiful puffin, ‘Starlight’ by H Mortimer Batten:

Second is Benjamin Myer’s ‘The Gallows Pole’. A while ago I read and enjoyed Benjamin Myer’s gripping ‘Beastings‘ – I hope this is just as gripping and should be even more so if the great cover is anything to go by!


Starting in 1767, ‘From his remote moorland home, David Hartley assembles a gang of weavers and land-workers to embark upon a criminal enterprise that will capsize the economy and become the biggest fraud in British history…Forensically assembled from historical accounts and legal documents, The Gallows Pole is a true story of resistance that combines poetry, landscape, crime and historical fiction, whose themes continue to resonate. Here is a rarely told alternative history of the North.’ 


‘Dancer from the Dance’ by Andrew Holleran has long been viewed as a classic of gay literature – and one which I’ve yet to read. First published in the US in 1978, this is the first UK edition from 1980, an edition which emphasises, as if that is really needed, that this is as much a marker of a culture lost to AIDS as it is a piece of literature. Just look at the blurb on the back (and note the rather wonderful font!)



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