This week’s book haul

First up, a couple of Puffin books: ‘Fairy Tales from the Isle of Man’ is quite, quite beautiful: note the clever use of the Puffin in the bottom left hand corner of the cover and the saucy little minx on the back.


Next is ‘The Cave’ by Richard Church – lovely illustration of three boys on a underground adventure and a fantastic font!

If you are interested in the beautiful world of Puffin books, then check out my blog, ‘Puffin Heaven’.


Another beautiful book, this time with a cover reminiscent of 1950s and 1960s Faber and Faber books. Don’t know much about this, but it sounds great: ‘When an impoverished but close knit family undergoes and almost miraculous change in fortune, allegiances and desires realign, a marriage falls apart, and tensions build unstoppably towards a devastating conflict’

Shanbhag is, apparently, an established writer in the Indian and Kannada languages but this is his first to be translated into English. In The Guardian, Deborah Smith (translator of Han Kang’s terrific ‘The Vegetarian’) hailed the book as providing a ‘masterclass in crafting, particularly on the power of leaving things unsaid. In fewer than 28,000 words Vivek Shanbhag weaves a web of suggestion and implication, to be read with a sense of mounting unease.’

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