This week’s book haul


Only two purchases this week – but glorious ones: ‘Interim’ and ‘The Tunnel’ by Dorothy M. Richardson – both US first editions. (On the right is my UK first edtion of Richardson’s Deadlock’)

Dorothy M Richardson was a British writer who pioneered the ‘stream of consciousness’ style of writing later adopted by Virgina Woolf amongst others. Her main body of work is  ‘Pilgramage’ a sequence of 13 books which Richardson viewed as one novel, each book being published between 1915 and 1967 (the last two published postumously: she died in 1957). ‘The Tunnel’ and ‘Interim’ are the fourth and fifth novels in the sequence.

As Gillian E Hanscombe notes in the forward to ‘Pilgramage 2’ (A Virago book which reprints ‘The Tunnel’ and ‘Interim’): ‘Richardson’s very original vison of female experience, together with her uncompromising experimetal stylem make the novel an extraordinary testament to the validity of female indivdiuality.’

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