This week’s book haul


A modest selection this week: ‘Christodora’ by Tim Murphy, which promises a ‘powerfully moving story if one family and a bold and poignant portrait of the bohemian Manhattan of sex, drugs, art, and activism over four decades.’ I’ve started it already and had me hooked from the first line. I’m hoping it will be everything that ‘A Little Life’ wasn’t!

Secondly, a second hand copy of Patricia Duncker’s ‘Hallucinating Foucault’ – one of those novels which I seem to have stumbled across for years but never actually read. Let’s hope that after all these years it remains true to its remit of being a ‘gripping tale of a mad writer, the glamorous, scandalous Paul Michel, enfant terrible of French letters and the reader who sets out to find him.’

And finally, hurrah for Gwendoline Riley making the Bailey’s Prize long-list. By rights ‘First Love’ should win every prize going!

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