This week’s book haul


More books?! It’s certainly been a bumper week, starting off with a lovely signed copy of Johnny Marr’s autobiography, ‘Set the Boy Free’. For those who don’t know him, Johnny Marr and Morrissey formed the powerhouse song writing duo behind The Smiths, the first band I ever saw live (The ‘Meat is Murder’ tour, Middlesbrough Town Hall, with James in support) and were probably one of the major influences on shaping my tastes. To them I can account for my love of Sixties girl groups and the ‘kitchen sink’ dramas of the 1960s. In recent years Morrissey has become almost a figure of fun, despite releasing one of his finest records ‘World Peace is None of Your Business’. Marr, on the other hand, has remained aloof from the media altercations which Morrissey seems to thrive on and is eternally cool in a down to earth fashion. Can’t wait to read this.

Today I did my usual troll around the charity shops and came across a treasure chest of Elizabeth Taylor’s which I don’t have. Hurrah!

Finally, another charity shop find is Helen Ellis”American Housewife’.

‘They smoke their eyes and paint their lips. They channel Beyoncé while doing household chores. They drown their sorrows with Chanel No. 5 and host book clubs where chardonnay trumps Dickens. They redecorate. And they are quietly capable of kidnapping, breaking and entering, and murder.

These women know the rules of a well lived life: replace your tights every winter, listen to erotic audio books while you scrub the bathroom floor, serve what you want to eat at your dinner parties, and accept it: you’re too old to have more than one drink and sleep through the night.’

So much to read and so little time…and the new Zadie Smith is just around the corner too!


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