The beauty of Puffin

Small, perfectly formed and frequently beautiful, these pocket sized goodies were a staple for generations of kids who probably didn’t know how lucky they were.

Intended for everyone, from a time when learning for its own sake wasn’t considered a fruitless task, these books are timeless capsules, full of wonder and joy and ideas and escapism and fantasy and history and fun.

Just consider some of the titans of literature between the covers: John Townsend-Rowe, Leon Garfield,  E Nesbit, John Christopher, Nina Bawden,  Michael Bond, Arthur Ransome, C S Lewis, Catherine Storr, Susan Cooper, Elizabeth Beresford, Frances Hodgson-Burnett, Ian Serraillier, Rumer Godden, Alan Garner…the list is endless and then there are the covers, always the covers…

My collection continues apace and brings me unadulterated joy with each and every volume.

Hurrah for Puffin!

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