This week’s book haul

An interesting haul this week, starting with a Nell Dunn which I have never read before: ‘I Want’, co-written with Adrian Henri. Hurrah – it’s always good to track down a book after years of searching, and I do so love Nell Dunn…and so, it happens, does another of my favourite writers, Ali Smith. In one of the Sunday papers ‘Books of the Year’ articles a while ago, Ms. Smith wrote of her admiration for ‘Boxer Handsome’ by Anna Whitwham, a book which reminded her of ‘the great Nell Dunn’…and, this week I finally caught up with a pristine copy of ‘Boxer Handsome’ in a charity shop. It seems the stars aligned for that one.

Just this morning I picked up this fine 1957 tome, ‘Female Homosexuality: A Psychodynamic Study of Lesbianism’ by Frank S Caprio. With such chapter headings as ‘The Dream Life of Lesbians’; ‘The Analysis of a Lesbian suffering from acute states of panic’, ‘Female Sexuality  Among Prison Inmates’ and ‘Lesbian Practices among Prostitutes in Various Parts of the world’, it looks likes an *intriguing* read.

Finally, on this year’s holiday I read Agatha Christie’s ‘Evil Under the Sun’ which I loved. It also reminded me just why I loved Christie when I was addicted to her Miss Marple books as a teenager. So, I’m making up for lost time and this week I got a lovely copy of ‘The Murder on the Links’…

As a parting gift, here is a wonderful picture of Nell Dunn and Adrian Henri around the time of their ‘I Want’ collaboration.






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