Holiday Reading 2

Porto Colom 3

So, it’s that time of the year again: planning the holiday reading. As I’m off to Mallorca I’ve picked up a copy of ‘The Lemon Grove’ by Helen Walsh simply because it’s set on that beautiful island. I’ve only read one Walsh, ‘Brass’, which I found to be a little too brutal for my tastes, but this volume promises to be ‘A gripping, sexy summer read’ –  bringing back memories of school holidays pouring over Jackie Collins’ ‘Hollywood Wives’, which I suspect (hope?) will be wide of the mark.

Next I have Agatha Christie‘s ‘Evil Under the Sun’, a choice born out of confusion. I had read that Christie visited Mallorca and set one of her stories there – and, having only seen the Mallorcan-set film of ‘Evil under the Sun’, believed this to be that tale. Wrong! The novel is actually set in Britain while the story she set in Mallorca is actually a short entitled ‘Problem at Pollensa Bay’. Never mind, I haven’t read a Christie in many, many years so this should be a treat.

And next I’m taking Deborah Levy‘s  ‘Hot Milk’ to remind me just how good it is.

And finally…I’m not sure. I’m thinking of a ‘classic’, but can’t quite decide where to head. Maybe some hot stream of consciousness action with Dorothy Richardson? Or what about taking the leap into the murky world of Simon Raven?

Any ideas?

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