This week’s book haul – post holiday special!


Back in dear old Blighty and you find me angry, sad and afraid following yesterday’s EU referendum result – but I’m not going to dwell on that here…maybe in a few days when things have sunk in a little.

Some nice stuff this week – Mark Haddon’s short story collection, which has had some great reviews, and Daisy Johnson’s ‘Fen’ which promises folklore shenanigans – always something to look forward to; Anne Tyler’s addition to the Hogarth Shakespeare series (following on from Jeanette Winterson’s ‘The Gap of Time’ and Howard Jacobson’s ‘Shylock is my Name’, Modernity Britain Vol. 2 from the incredibly readable David Kynaston and finally, a second hand treasure in the form of Stevie Smith’s ‘The Holiday’ – a book I didn’t even realise she had written.

Hurrah – and now to get down to some more interesting stuff…

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