This week’s book haul…


Unfortunately no charity shop treasures this week but, as it was recommended by the same friend who introduced me to the wonderful Barbara Comyns, I got this¬†gloriously lurid copy of ‘The Victorian Chaise Longue’ by Marghanita Laski for a couple of quid on ebay. Doesn’t it look great? Sounds great too:

‘Are you fond of old-fashioned furniture?

Be careful.

Furniture is inanimate – but it is occupied by animate beings subject to fear, love, despair, hatred, happiness – the myriad feelings of which humans are capable. And who knows what the life-span of terror may be? Who can tell what identity one may find woven into the plush old velvet chaise-longue, or what determines the time and setting for acting out a drama of horror?

Be careful. Your antique bargain may be a sink of malignancy.

Just waiting.’


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