This week’s book haul

Olivia Manning.jpg

A bank holiday Monday trip to Buxton brought me these two beauties: I’ve never read any Olivia Manning, but ‘The Play Room’ sounds especially enticing:

‘Fifteen-year-old Laura lives with her family in the seaside town of Camperlea. It is the swinging sixties, and Laura’s ambition is to leave home for London and work in a Chelsea boutique. Meanwhile she worships her schoolfriend Vicky Logan who is all Laura longs to be: popular, outrageous, sensual, she lives in  a large house on ‘the right side of town’. Vicky knows she can have any man she wants – but she chooses a rough factory worker, Clarrie Piper. She begins to frequent the factory dances and Laura watches in powerless dread and fascination as the teasing game Vicky plays through one feverish summer draws to its inevitable, terrifying conclusion.’

Love the line ‘she can have any man she wants – but she chooses a rough factory worker.’  – as if that were something perverse…


My next gem (from Saturday’s charity shop troll) is a cookery book, ‘Catalan Cuisine’ by Colman Andrews. I LOVE Majorca (and will be returning in a few short weeks) and I love cooking, so this brings the two together. Hurrah!

Finally, I got a nice first edition (£3.99!) of Anne Enright’s ‘The Green Road’. I have to admit that I struggled a bit with the only other Enright I’ve tried – ‘The Gathering’- but I’ve heard such great things about ‘The Green Road’ that another chance is in order.



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