This week’s book haul

This week has been a little quiet on the book buying front. I’ve been searching for a copy of Ann Wroe’s ‘Six Facets of Light’, a study of six painters and poets views on, erm, ‘Light’. Unfortunately, no Manchester bookshop seems to have a copy so I’ll have to look elsewhere…

The charity shops haven’t let me down. Today’s finds are another BFI Modern Classic, this time on ‘Thelma and Louise’, a film which I loved when it was first released. Maybe now’s the time to give it another view? Do you read these monographs and if so do you read and re-view the film as you’re reading? I don’t tend to, but I’d be interested to hear anyone else’s views on this.

My second purchase was the delightful ‘Ladybird Book of British Wild Flowers’. I was tempted by two other Ladybird books: ‘What to Look for in Summer’ and ‘What to Look for in Winter’, but they had a £9.99 price tag…each(!?) My ‘…Wild Flowers’ may be slightly tatty but at least it was only 50p. And what a beauty…


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