Beautiful Books 2

or, ‘You can (sometimes!) judge a book by its cover’


I love this book, and will write about the fantastic writing of Nell Dunn soon but in the meantime, just gaze upon this, possibly one of my favourite covers ever.

While the hardback of this novel boasted a rather peculiar photograph of the author in a shop doorway tethered to a number of vicious looking dogs, the illustration on the paperback version sums up the novel perfectly: a foxy, tough teen squares up to the viewer, daring, challenging.

I love how the style of the art is suggestive of standard romantic fiction, but girl’s face (and from what we see she probably has a stereotypical romantic heroine’s features) is obscured, leaving only a teaser… we know she is beautiful, but that isn’t what she wants you to see. She wants you to see that she could be one of the Shangri-Las, the greatest girl group, tough as nails and twice as sharp…or Sylvie or Rube or any of the girls who scream and shout and cry and laugh and take no crap from anyone.

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